Our Group Number: 999973313

To all our supporters:

We are very excited to partner with Yankee Candle Fundraising by offering premium products
from the world’s #1 candle brand. It is our hope that we will reach or exceed our fundraising
goals and present our supporters with brand name products they use and want.
Over 500 branded products to give and receive for the Holidays.

Below are three ways you can easily help support our organization:

FIRST, and the most convenient, check out our new MOBILE APP. Three simple steps; Download Free App, insert Group Number above, send text and emails! So easy, give it a try!

SECOND, you can create a Seller’s Login to enlist friends and family from near and far to help our organization reach its goals. Once on the site: www.yankeecandlefundraising.com click on the Seller login TAB and Sign Up to be a Seller, follow the simple instructions, verify your account and list email addresses of friends and family on your dashboard.

THIRD, please click on the following link: Bearkat PTO Shopping Site
This is our very own Yankee Candle shopping page and you can place an order.
At checkout, you can even insert your sellers name or members name for name recognition.

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